Waitrose helps ocean animals

03 January 2018

Thousands of you have been calling on supermarkets to help stop a silent crisis of animal suffering in our oceans. And already, we have great news! Waitrose is taking this issue seriously, and has committed to working with us and its suppliers to tackle it.

Millions of animals each year are strangled, drowned and choked by deadly Ghost Gear - nets, lines and ropes that have been lost or discarded by fishing boats. Supermarkets have the power to help end this hidden tragedy - but they need to hear that customers like you care.  

Waitrose, Tesco, Asda and others have the power to end this silent scandal by demanding that their suppliers change the way they operate. But most assume their customers don’t care - so far, only Sainsbury’s has taken action. With your help, we can change that.

Rescuers were able to untangle the gill net from this sea lion in California, USA. Credit: Kanna Jones / Marine Photobank

From the Atlantic to the Antarctic, Ghost Gear maims and kills thousands of animals every day. Whales starve, trapped in vast nets. Dolphins drown tangled in razor sharp fishing lines. It’s a tragedy on an unimaginable scale - and supermarkets are realising they can no longer ignore it. 

Sainsbury’s has already taken action. With Waitrose now working with us, we know that other supermarkets will be sitting up and taking notice, too. We’re getting ready to take our campaign to a new target - let’s build a petition so huge they have to act and work with their suppliers to end this needless tragedy.  

Tell supermarkets to protect animals from deadly Ghost Gear. Click here to add your name now - it takes just two minutes.

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