Speaking up for mother pigs at Tesco's general meeting

13 June 2019

We are attending the Tesco annual general meeting (AGM) to call on Tesco to stop its Tesco Lotus supermarket chain in Thailand sourcing pork from factory farms that keep mother pigs in pregnancy cages no bigger than a fridge.

Tesco Lotus is the Tesco Group’s second largest business outside the UK.

End the suffering of mother pigs

30,000 of you in the UK and Thailand have already contacted Tesco demanding action to stop the suffering of mother pigs in its supply chain in Thailand. There are around a million mother pigs in Thailand suffering in cruel confinement that would be illegal in the UK.

Image: mother pig kept in a caged system, undisclosed location.

Tesco UK has already acknowledged it needs to act on mother pig welfare and has said it will explore with suppliers how to get mother pigs out of cages in Thailand that supply its Tesco Lotus stores with pork products. However, we are asking Tesco to make a public commitment and set a deadline for when Tesco Lotus will no longer buy pork from farms that confine mother pigs.

We are asking Tesco to make a commitment

Ian Woodhurst, our farming campaigns manager, said: “We are at the AGM asking the Board of Tesco when they will make a commitment to stop Tesco Lotus sourcing pork from farms that cruelly confine and cage mother pigs. We are pleased that Tesco has acknowledged the issue, but now we need a firm commitment that sets out how and when.

“Tesco’s annual report states they offer the same ethical standards across their product ranges, but this is clearly not the case. £100 million more profit is made in Tesco’s operation in Asia compared with Europe. So why should a mother pig have to suffer under the Tesco brand just because she’s been born and raised in Thailand?”

Our staff on the way to the Tesco general meeting: Stephen Sibbald, UK Country Director (left), Ian Woodhurst, Farming Campaigns Manager (centre) and James MacColl, UK Head of Campaigns.

Email the Tesco CEO calling for action for mother pigs

Sow stalls, or pregnancy cages, were banned in the UK in 1999 and we are demanding Tesco PLC introduces a global policy to improve pig welfare on the farms that supply its stores worldwide.

You can email the Tesco CEO to call for action on this issue

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