Ecuador is still shaking. Animals still need your help

24 May 2016

Following the deadly earthquake that devastated Ecuador last month, two new aftershocks struck the country on Wednesday May 18th, traumatising the population once again and delaying aid for victims.

The first shock, with a magnitude of 6.2, was felt in the early morning hours. That afternoon a 7.1 shock hit the region again, causing yet more damage to battered structures and adding to the heavy toll of casualties. Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands injured in the region since April. Many pets have been injured and are lost, homeless and traumatised – but with their own homes destroyed, people can’t take care of them.

Our correspondent Estafanía Pareja, from the local NGO Rescate Animal, says that both aftershocks were felt throughout the country.

"I've been in contact with people in Manabi. People can not sleep even. They’re camping on the streets. No power in various sectors of Manabi, Manabi classes and Esmeralda (the epicenter) were suspended," she describes.

It is expected that these aftershocks will continue for more than a month. Each new earthquake delays the attention and aid for victims - both humans and animals.

"What usually takes one or two hours now takes four, because people are scared and are more cautious to move anywhere," Stephanie says.

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World Animal Protection is providing assistance in the most affected areas of Ecuador, with the cooperation of our partners Rescate Animal and the Centro Regional de Adiestramiento Canino (Regional Canine Training Center).

We’re feeding animals and caring for tem at two veterinary clinics - protecting the lives of more than 15,000 pets. In doing so we’re not only relieving their suffering, but also helping their owners as they come to terms with the disaster.

Events like the Ecuador earthquake can strike without warning - and in the aftermath, helpless animals can be overlooked. You can change that. Please give a gift that could protect animals affected by disasters through our ongoing work in disaster management.

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