Appeal update: Maya has been rescued!

16 December 2016

We’re so happy to share the news that Maya the dancing bear has been surrendered to the care of the Balkasar sanctuary, following an incredible response from supporters - and months of hard work by our local partner the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) of Pakistan.

Maya’s now beginning to recover in the quarantine area of the sanctuary. When she’s up to full strength and has become familiar with her surroundings, she’ll be released into the main enclosure to join the other rescued bears. We'll be sure to keep you updated as that happens. Until then, staff will keep a careful eye on their newest resident, to make sure the transition is as easy as possible for her. 

When Maya woke up from sedation after being checked over by a vet, she seemed glad to notice that the painful ring and rope that tormented her for so long had been removed from her sensitive muzzle – and for the first time in many years she could move freely without discomfort. She’s already demonstrated a healthy appetite! 

Maya’s owner now has a secure alternative livelihood and supports his family with a general store. The provision of a viable alternative to animal cruelty has been a vital element of our work to end bear baiting and dancing in Pakistan and other countries.

We’re so grateful to everyone who made Maya’s new life of freedom possible – from the tireless work of the BRC, to the amazing supporters who kindly donated to fund her rescue and care. As ever we simply couldn’t do this without you – every penny of your support makes such a difference for animals like Maya, suffering across the world.

Thank you!

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