What gives us the right to treat animals so badly?

At least 1.6 trillion wild animals are killed and suffer through people’s actions every year. More than 70 billion farm animals are consumed annually. Most are cruelly confined to industrial, low welfare systems.

It's time to change the way the world works and end animal cruelty and suffering. Forever. 

Does the life of an animal mean nothing at all?

Caged mother pig on a factory farm looking through the bars - World Animal Protection - Wildlife. Not entertainers

Animals cannot tell their stories of suffering. Together, we must be their voice.

We can end this by loudly calling out cruelty, and influencing governments and businesses to change their practices.

Together, we can give all animals a life worth living.

We are World Animal Protection. We exist to end animal cruelty. But we can’t do it alone.

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This is how we move the world for animals

World Animal Protection safety DLO, Fernando Costa, helps residents evacuate their animals from a residential area impacted by the fire in the Amazon. Credit Line: Noelly Castro/World Animal Protection

Our organisation has been protecting animals more than 50 years.

We move governments, global companies, organisations and people to use their power to end animal cruelty.

558,000 of you moved TripAdvisor and more than 200 other travel companies to end their promotion of cruel elephant attractions.

513,000 of you moved KFC to improve chicken welfare.

350,000 of you moved Expedia Group to end the sale and promotion of captive dolphin venues.

188,000 of you moved Turkish Airlines to stop transporting African grey parrots out of the Congo.

Without passionate changemakers like you, our incredible achievements for animals would be impossible.

Join our community and help change the world for animals.