Really Wild Gifts

Give a special gift that will save animals in urgent need of protection.

This Christmas, help animals around the world with a Really Wild Gift

A Really Wild Gift is a "virtual gift" that supports our work to stop animal cruelty and suffering. It is the perfect gift for someone who cares about making our world a better place for animals.

Simply choose the amount of your gift, and we will send you a beautiful certificate showing how it could help our work for animal welfare.


A gift that saves animals

Your gift will go to support the work we do as World Animal Protection. Your gift could: 

  • Vaccinate 10 dogs to protect them from rabies
  • Help towards a bear rescue
  • Feed a bear in one of our sanctuaries for a week
  • Provide life saving treatment and shelter for an injured animal in the wake of a disaster

Please share the message of animal protection with friends and family this festive season.

Your gift could provide life saving treatment and shelter for an animal following a disaster.

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