Volunteer with elephants – Thailand

Do you relish new experiences and love elephants? Come and spend 10 days in Thailand observing elephants at a pioneering ethical sanctuary.

Early-bird offer: we're offering a reduced-price registration fee of £300 for early registrations. Just quote VWE50 when you speak to us about registration!


Taking part in this event will no doubt rank in your best ever life experiences. You will be seeing something truly amazing: rescued elephants living safely at last

Elephant Valley Thailand is a ground-breaking development for both elephants and tourists. It is a very real example of a sanctuary where tourists can see elephants behaving naturally and freely as part of a herd. It demonstrates that elephant-friendly experiences are possible, without forcing cruel interactions with people.

The funds you raise by taking part in Volunteer with elephants will go to help wildlife all over the world.

What will I be doing?

After meeting the team at a London airport and traveling to Thailand together, the adventure begins at Khao Yai National Park two and a half hours from Bangkok. 

You will take part in a range of activities such as:

  • Trekking in the jungle in search of wildlife and hidden waterfalls
  • Taking safari drives and visiting wildlife hides to spot indigenous species such as gibbons, deer, macaques

If you’re really lucky, you may even see wild elephants!

What will I do at the elephant sanctuary?

You'll travel to Chiang Rai on an overnight train and spend two full days and two half days at the sanctuary.

You’ll be assisting with:

  • Maintenance of the grounds
  • Cleaning and food preparation depending on the sanctuary’s greatest need at the time
  • Plenty of observing and learning about the elephants at the sanctuary.

How do I take part?

Date: 7-17 November 2020
Location: Thailand

Payment options...

Self Funded: £350 to register, £1,850 to pay (£2,200 total) plus a minimum fundraising target of £1,000 for World Animal Protection.

Sponsorship Funded: £350 to register, plus a £3,700 minimum fundraising target for World Animal Protection.

Both options include flights, accommodation, and food.

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About the Elephant Valley Sanctuary

Elephant Valley Thailand has 40 acres of land where elephants can live in their natural habitat. All six elephants are rescued from either the logging or tourist entertainment industries. They are unfortunately too traumatised by their past lives or too accustomed to humans, to be released back into the wild. Volunteers will help maintain the grounds, help with cleaning and food preparation and observe and learn about the elephants at the sanctuary. Interactions between the elephants and visitors are kept to a bare minimum and there is certainly no washing, scrubbing or riding. The elephants can live their lives on their terms and because of this you will experience their behaviour in a way which isn’t possible in many other elephant venues.

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