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Meet Radiant Rene

Female, Asiatic black bear

Rene is so friendly that she’s been named the sanctuary’s official ‘welcome bear’.

Rene, whose name means ‘re-born’, was used extensively in the baiting ring before she was rescued in 2012 (you can see a 'before' picture of her on this page). She’s a very small bear, but this didn't stop her owner from dragging her into the arena to fight dogs trained to viciously attack.

Today Rene is recovering well, though she still bears scars on her little nose. She’s so friendly she earned the nickname ‘the welcome bear’ because she loves saying a big hello to every new bear that comes into the sanctuary. Her loving nature has helped so many sad and suffering bears feel at ease in their new forever home.

As well as making new friends, being very curious, Rene enjoys exploring her sanctuary home. She’s also known to be quite feisty.

Adopt Rene today and receive a special welcome from your new friend very soon.

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