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Meet Marvellous Maya

Female, Asiatic black bear

Maya is 7 years old. She was given the name Maya meaning "graciousness" when she came to the sanctuary, and she certainly lives up to her name.

When she was just a small cub, Maya’s teeth were pulled out so she couldn’t bite, and her sensitive muzzle was pierced, with a ring inserted through the wound. Maya’s owner was then able to control her by tugging on a rope attached to the ring. This caused her excruciating pain, pain she would do anything to avoid – including “dance”.

Maya was surrendered in 2016 and taken to our supporter-funded sanctuary where the team removed her nose ring and rope. When Maya woke up, she noticed her nose ring had gone and seemed to feel at ease in her new surroundings. Although you can still see the scars from her previous life, she has settled in at the sanctuary and is loving life.

Maya is a very jolly, beautiful bear who is now living her best life. Her favourite things are splashing around in the pool in the summer, sitting in the grass watching the world go by, eating (she loves bread) and playing with her friends Robin and Zilla.

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Bottom-middle image credit: Yasir Nisar

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