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Meet lovely Leela

Female, brown bear

Leela's 15 years old and her name means 'play'. It suits her perfectly as she's one of the sanctuary's most active and sociable residents.

Before she was rescued in 2011, Leela was used for three years in the brutal blood 'sport' bear baiting. Leela was kept chained by a thick rope laced through her soft muzzle (in her 'before' picture on this page). Scared and terrified, Leela would have been dragged into the baiting ring and forced to defend herself against dogs trained to attack. She's partially blind as a result of the abuse she suffered during this time.

Thankfully, Leela made an astonishing recovery. She's now a healthy, active, fun-loving (and beautiful) bear.

She helps other rescue bears in their recovery and recuperation, like her best friend Reech - he was very shy when he arrived at the Balkasar sanctuary. Although many other bears were intimidated by his size, Leela was not afraid. She stood by Reech while he learned to socialise. The two can often be seen playing together, and hanging out by the pool.

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