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picture of Bhoori with mouth open as if smiling
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picture of Bhoori looking attentively into the distance
picture of Bhoori walking around the sanctuary
picture of Bhoori before she was rescued, with a rope through her muzzle

Meet Brave Bhoori

Female, brown Himalayan bear

Bhoori is a 16-year-old bear who was forced to fight dogs in the baiting ring. Thankfully, she was rescued and brought to the safety of Balkasar sanctuary in 2011.

Bhoori’s settled into sanctuary life well, but she’s still scarred from the cruelty she endured. She has a hole in her muzzle from the rope used to control her (which you can see in one old photo). She’s missing teeth that were likely taken out when she was a cub, and the claws on her hind limbs are badly damaged.

Like all the bears at the sanctuary, Bhoori’s past is a sad one. But today Bhoori is healthy, energetic and loves splashing in the pool and foraging in the undergrowth. Her life is peaceful and care-free.

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