The world’s biggest animal welfare issue

Farmers, processors and retailers are under pressure to keep up with growing demand and to provide cheap food. Technological and genetic innovations that attempt to address these pressures mean these wonderful animals are increasingly intensively farmed. Frequently they are kept in conditions that don’t meet their physical or behavioural needs. 

We believe that:


Sadly, thousands of cows are now kept indoors all year round, increasing their risk of udder infections and lameness and depriving them of the experience of grazing on grass.


Pigs should be provided with straw or other materials that allow them to behave more naturally, so they can root around for food and build nests for their piglets.


Globally sixty billion meat chickens are raised each year. Many live in dark, barren, overcrowded sheds. They experience unbearable suffering during their short, miserable lives

What we are asking the Government to do:

We’d like to see payments used to incentivise encourage farmers to move to higher welfare farming methods.

This would help meet the costs to:

  • provide more space, light and enrichment in the sheds that house meat chickens.
  • guarantee access to pasture for cows so they can demonstrate natural behaviours compared to being permanently housed.
  •  introduce free farrowing systems for mother pigs that would give them more space, and allow them to behave more naturally when looking after their piglets.


What can you do?

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  • Seek out free range milk to put in your cuppa 
  • Think about what’s on the end of your fork – buy higher welfare labelled meat whenever possible.

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