Elephants aren't tame. They're tortured.

Across the world, elephants are secretly abused in the name of entertainment. Your support could help give suffering elephants a safe and happy life in a peaceful forest home

Lotus the elephant takes a bath at the Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand
£3 a month could help dig mud baths for elephants to wallow and play in
Three elephants stand on their back feet on small platforms at an entertainment venue in Thailand
£6 a month could help support vital campaigning work to end the lifelong torture of elephants in the tourist trade
Elephants gather at in the long grass at a welfare venue
£8 could help tourist venues transform into habitats where elephants can be happy

Tortured for tourism

Many tourists are unaware that elephants performing tricks or giving rides have been stolen from the wild or bred in captivity. That calves have been torn from their mothers, isolated and left without food and water. Or that beatings and intense trauma break their wild spirit and terrify them into obedience.


Elephants are powerful, independent animals who are broken by 'the crush', a horrific training regime that brutalises them into submission at a very young age.

Holidays last weeks. Elephant torture can last for 70 years.