The Amazon is burning

Slow-moving anteaters, sloths and snakes are being burned alive. Thick black smoke is choking monkeys, birds and big cats. Can you help protect them?


£10 could help rescue suffering animals from the deadly fires in the Amazon


£20 could help give animals essential food and treatment when disaster strikes 


£100 could help demand governments include animals in their plans for disaster

Your kindness saves lives. Please donate now

We are one of the only charities working with local partners and authorities in Brazil to protect animals. We are providing firefighters with vital equipment to rescue animals from the flames and giving suffering animals life-saving treatment and shelter. But the fires show no sign of stopping, and animals are burning alive. Please can you help us protect as many animals as we can?

Millions of animals need your help


Your help may be animals’ only hope

Terrifyingly, it’s not just man-made disasters that are killing animals. As the climate crisis worsens, disasters are becoming more frequent and more deadly. Hurricane Dorian has just devastated the Bahamas, and parts of Thailand are submerged underwater.

When disasters strike, animals suffer just like humans do. But incredibly, there are often no plans in place to protect them. This is despite over a billion people in poor communities depending on animals for survival.

Your help today will empower us to demand governments include animals in their disaster emergency plans. Your kindness could protect millions from suffering.

Your compassion will help governments begin:

  • Training animal owners to care for animals during and after disasters
  • Developing emergency plans that include animals and the people who rely on them
  • Running vital vaccination programmes
  • Giving local vets training in emergency response
  • Setting up early warning systems
  • Showing people how to store and protect food and water
  • Demonstrating how to evacuate animals from danger
  • Building, strengthening and securing animal shelters

Please help today. Your support will help protect animals in the Amazon, and from the disasters to come.

If you would like to donate by phone, please call our Supporter Care team on:

0800 316 9966 (Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm).

Please note: your donation will help protect animals around the world – including animals threatened by disasters.

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