Wildlife crime in London

We work closely with the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit, supporting specific projects and helping increase Londoners’ awareness of wildlife crime. 

The Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) is responsible for enforcing the laws that protect our wildlife. World Animal Protection has helped raise awareness of wildlife crime and the WCU by:

Wildlife crime across the UK

In the absence of a national domestic plan for tackling wildlife crime, forces across the UK are co-ordinating efforts to tackle the priority wildlife crimes in their area. 

Why is this important?

Forces such as Derbyshire, Devon and Cornwall, Scotland, Cumbria and those in Wales all have their own strategies and feed their intelligence back to the National Wildlife Crime Unit. This is vital in helping to build an accurate picture of the scale of the problem.

We are calling on all forces to integrate a wildlife crime strategy into their core policing.

Image: World Animal Protection/Kay Lockett

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