You can help us help animals by making a Sea Change

Help protect marine animals by showing your support for our Sea Change campaign.

What is the Sea Change campaign?

World Animal Protection's Sea Change campaign aims to tackle the problem of ghost fishing gear (lost and discarded fishing nets) and the devastating impact it has on marine animals and coastal wildlife.

An estimated 640,000 tonnes of lost and discarded fishing gear ends up in our oceans globally. Not only does this gear pollute our environment, it can also inflict huge suffering on marine animals. Nets and fishing lines can wrap around an animal's neck or body, wounding them so badly that they can eventually die.

Why we need you to help

We need you to help us spread awareness about Sea Change. You can do that by supporting us online in a variety of ways via your social media channels or by spreading the word in your local community by putting up posters in your local library, café or community centre.

Show your support online

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Spread the word in your local community

Download and print the Sea Change leaflet or poster:

How else you can help

  • Have you joined the Sea Change campaign? If not, please do so today! Sign up and get up to the minute news about animal rescues, events, campaigns actions and more.
  • Write to the UK Fisheries Minister, George Eustice MP, and urge him to help protect marine animals from ghost fishing gear.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Use your voice to raise awareness for Sea Change and the marine mammals that need our help.

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Take the Sea Change challenge

If you see ghost gear when out at the beach, please pick it up, take a picture of it and upload your finding onto our Sea Change Map website. Remember to bin it afterwards!