Helping animals in Typhoon Haiyan

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to help animals in need following one of the strongest storms in recorded history: Typhoon Haiyan.

When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013, it left one of the worst paths of destruction the country has ever recorded. Millions of homes were destroyed and tens of thousands of animals lost their lives as the storm tore through villages.

You’ve helped 70,000 animals since the disaster struck and will be protecting countless more into the future.

Our disaster team was on the ground within days, helping animals and people in some of the poorest and worst hit areas in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

From dogs to pigs, goats to water buffalo, our disaster team gave emergency help to tens of thousands of animals.

Your donations helped to:

  • Give sick and injured animals emergency vet care: treating their wounds, vaccinating against illness and giving them vitamins to boost their health.
  • Give emergency food and water to hungry and thirsty animals.
  • Train volunteers in basic animal care and advise farmers how to respond to the urgent needs of their animals.
  • Provide bikes and portable medical kits to local vets and vet students, meaning they could reach animals in harder to reach areas.
  • Build resilience and plan for future disasters.
Your support helped care for this young boy’s puppy, Brownie, and boost his health with vitamin injections.

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