Protect Earth from Factory Farming

We are all aware of the damage we are doing to our fragile planet. But we’re much less conscious of the devastating role factory farming plays in our environmental crisis.

Factory farming drives climate change.

Vast swathes of pristine land is being cleared for industrial agriculture to provide animal feed for factory farms. Land clearance for crops or pasture has been the biggest factor in biodiversity loss over the past 50 years.

Widespread and indiscriminate pesticide use on these crops is causing untold damage to delicate ecosystems. Enormous quantities of water – one-third of total global water use – are needed for animal production.

Ending factory farming is one of the best ways to combat climate change and protect the planet. Join us and together we’ll make sure there’s No Future for Factory Farming.

  • Sign up to our No Future for Factory Farming campaign today – and call on political, industry and financial leaders to implement our 5-step plan to end factory farming. 
  • Take our Say Yes to Less challenge and be part of the shift our world must make – a radical reduction in global meat consumption.


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