Protect Animals from Factory Farming

Animals are sentient beings. Like us, they feel pain, fear and anguish. Factory farming denies this truth. 

Join us and together we’ll protect animals from cruelty. Together we’ll make sure there’s No Future for Factory Farming.

Imagine living your whole life in a space so cramped you cannot even turn round. Imagine having to sit or lie in your own waste, and that of others, day after day. Imagine feeling frustrated and miserable enough to try to bite through the bars of your metal cage, or bite your fellow animals.

Then imagine living this way with bone fractures, skin sores, and having suffered the mutilation of your teeth or tails with no pain relief.

Now try to imagine – though this may be impossible – that at this moment this is the experience of billions of animals living in factory farms.

When you know about factory farming, we know you’d want to change it. To stop it. To create a humane and sustainable global farming system that gives animals a life worth living.

Together, we can. 

Join us, and together we’ll make sure there’s No Future for Factory Farming.

med veg tart
chickens in factory farming

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