Farming of the Future

Factory farms exist because of the political, financial and consumption choices people make every day.

Together we can make sure there is No Future for Factory Farming – we just have to choose it. But nothing less than a revolution in the way we produce and consume food is needed.

It starts here.

  • Sign up to our No Future for Factory Farming campaign today – and call on political, industry and financial leaders to implement our 5-step plan to end factory farming. 
  • Take our Say Yes to Less challenge and be part of the shift our world must make – a radical reduction in global meat consumption.

Factory farming is fed by financial decisions driven by a voracious appetite for profit.

Factory farms cause animal suffering because companies refuse to meet animal welfare standards and politicians refuse to impose them. 

New factory farms are built because of our constant demand for cheap meat. 

All of this has devastating consequences for animals, people and the planet. But there is another way.

Our 5-step plan to end factory farming

With your support – as well as your active participation – we are calling on our political, industry and financial leaders to use their influence to create the changes we need:

  1. No new factory farms: a halt to all new factory farms by 2030
  2. A food revolution: a 50% cut in meat production and consumption by 2040 as we move more and more towards plant-based diets 
  3. A financial revolution: a shift in global investment away from factory farming into building a sustainable food system based on high welfare standards and plant-based alternatives
  4. A good life for farmed animals: all factory farms to sign up to welfare standards 
  5. An end to routine antibiotic use: as animal welfare improves, the need for antibiotics will fall

To make these changes a reality we need the support of millions of people around the world who care deeply about the future of animals, people and the planet. We know these people exist and you are one of them.

You’ve helped us win success after success in the past and improve the lives of millions of animals.

Now, if we join together, we can end factory farming and, in the process, build an immeasurably better world than the one we live in today.

Ending factory farming will curb climate change, reduce environmental destruction and superbugs and stop unnecessary animal suffering. It will give animals a life worth living and provide people with more healthy diets. It will bring about a sustainable, fair and humane food system – where what we eat doesn’t depend on inflicting terrible cruelty on animals. 

So join us, and together we can make sure there is No Future for Factory Farming.

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