Join the pod to protect dolphins

Dolphins belong in the ocean, not in small tanks. The only place you should see them is in the wild, where they belong. 

How to get involved

We want to create a splash to show that there is a wave of support for travel companies to stop selling and promoting captive dolphin entertainment.

We'd love you to join us and encourage others to do the same. You can get involved and support lasting change for dolphins by changing your social media profile picture, sharing our images, tagging us and using the #JoinedThePod hashtag.

Share our images

We've collected some powerful images below. Share them to show your friends that, while we'll soon be back to a normal life, captive dolphins are in 'lockdown' forever.

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Instagram Stories: Her lockdown is for life

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Family of tourists with a captive dolphin - World Animal Protection
Dolphin in small tank behind rusty bars - World Animal Protection
Dolphin in tank with tourists watching - World Animal Protection

Twitter: send a tweet

Share one of our messages in support of our campaign for a dolphin-friendly future - just click to tweet

'There are many ways we can help dolphins, from avoiding dolphin shows to joining the pod - a community coming together to support a lasting change for dolphins. Please retweet to your family and friends to spread the word #JoinedThePod'
Dolphin in tank with tourists watching - World Animal Protection
'His tank is around 200,000 times smaller than his home range would be in the wild. 💔 Have you #JoinedThePod? Join me and share to help end captive dolphin entertainment now'
A pod of spinner dolphins off the west coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Photo: World Animal Protection / Rachel Ceretto
'Dolphins are very sociable animals & live in groups called pods. These can range from a few dolphins to super pods with more than 1000. Join me in sharing to support a lasting change for dolphins #JoinedThePod'

Facebook: Show the world you're a hero for dolphins by using our Facebook profile picture frame

Facebook: Simply click on ‘Update your profile picture’ and select ‘Use as profile picture’ to add the frame below. You could add some text such as: I’ve #JoinedthePod because I believe dolphins belong in the wild

Join the pod - World Animal Protection Facebook Frame Image

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Update your profile pictures

Show the world you've joined the pod and become a hero for dolphins by updating your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile picture. Click any image below to download and update your social media profile. 


Join The Pod wild dolphins Instagram profile frame - World Animal Protection
Join The Pod social media picture wild dolphins - World Animal Protection
Join the Pod dolphin social media profile picture - World Animal Protection