Wildlife. Not Entertainers.

Want to see wildlife on holiday? You’re not alone. 

But did you know that elephants around the world are facing a lifetime of suffering, just to entertain tourists?

If you can hug, ride, touch or take a photo with an elephant, the chances are that it has gone through some kind of cruel training.

There is no humane way to tame a an elephant. They are taken from their mothers when they are babies, and forced through a horrific ordeal known as ‘the crush’. For days they are restrained, beaten, deprived of sleep and denied food and water. By the time tourists come to ride an elephant, they may appear peaceful, but in fact, their spirit has been crushed. There’s no going back for these animals: they face a lifetime of captivity and cruelty.

Uncovering the Truth

We recently travelled to Thailand with singer and TV presenter Alesha Dixon, who witnessed first-hand the truth misery of animals trapped in cruel attractions. Watch Alesha uncover the truth behind some of these tourist venues.

Take the pledge

I stand with World Animal Protection and will not take part in any holiday activities that involve touching or taking selfies with wild animals. Wildlife. Not entertainers.

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Changing the world, together

Your signature takes just a few seconds, and it can be incredibly powerful. Last year over 558,000 supporters signed our petition asking TripAdvisor to stop selling tickets to cruel wildlife attractions. As a result, they will stop selling tickets to some of the world’s cruellest tourist activities Their website will host a new education portal, to educate millions of tourists about the cruelties imposed upon wild animals used as props for entertainment.

We’ll be working closely with TripAdvisor throughout 2017 to make sure they are doing all they can to protect wild animals from cruelty.

Take the pledge: never visit cruel wildlife attractions when you’re on holiday.

Thank you for taking a stand for elephants.


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