Sign our petition urging Carnival Cruise Lines to protect sea turtles

One of the world’s largest cruise companies sends tens of thousands of tourists to Cayman Turtle Centre every year, an attraction inflicting severe cruelty upon endangered turtles.

Demand Carnival Cruise Lines protects turtles, and stops trips to Cayman Turtle Centre now.

Wildlife. Not Entertainers.

Want to see wildlife on holiday? You’re not alone. 

But did you know that wild animals around the world are facing a lifetime of suffering, just to entertain tourists?

If you can hug, ride, touch or take a photo with a wild animal, the chances are it has suffered some kind of cruelty.

Urge one of the world’s largest cruise lines to boycott cruel turtle tourist venue

Our latest campaign aims to stop Carnival Cruise Line sending tourists to Cayman Turtle Centre. It is the only attraction in the world that farms endangered sea turtles for human consumption. 

The turtles are kept in small, shallow, and overcrowded tanks, causing considerable suffering. They’re used to entertain tourists, then sold to local restaurants to be eaten. 

Despite working with the centre to encourage them to end this cruelty for a few years, it has failed to address our concerns. 

Around three quarters of the tourists who visit the attraction each year are cruise passengers. That’s why we’re targeting Carnival Cruise Line, to reduce visitors to the attraction. We’re convinced that passengers would refuse to visit the centre if they knew about the cruel treatment of the turtles. So far Carnival has not taken our concerns on board but by signing our petition, you can help urge this influential, global company to do the right thing by turtles and stop sending tourists to this cruel attraction. 

Find out more about the conditions at the Cayman Turtle Centre >>

Changing the world, together

Petitions take just seconds to support and can be incredibly powerful. Last year over 558,000 supporters who signed our petition asking TripAdvisor to stop selling tickets to cruel wildlife attractions. They listened. They will stop selling tickets to some of the world’s cruellest tourist activities, and their website will now host a new education portal, that will educate millions of tourists about the cruelties imposed upon wild animals used as props for entertainment. 

We will be working closely with TripAdvisor throughout 2017 to make sure they are doing all they can to protect wild animals from cruelty.

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