Wildlife Crime Resources

Wildlife Crime Toolkit

We have pulled together several resources that should help you to raise awareness of wildlife crime both externally and internally. Some of the legislation and directives referred to in the following assets relate directly to English and Welsh law, and will therefore need to be adjusted to suit Scottish legislation.

What is wildlife crime? >>

Download our Wildlife Crime ID Guide outlining the most common examples of wildlife crime and how to identify wildlife crime that may have already happened.

Get advice on a wildlife crime incident/case >>

Download our Wildlife Crime Useful Contacts document outlining a list of organisations you can contact for advice on wildlife crime cases – from licensing issues to animal rescue.

Get information on all law and legislation >>

Download our useful list of all wildlife crime related Acts and Directives.

Wildlife crime training – what is it and what do I do? >>

Download our Wildlife Crime Training PowerPoint outlining the most common cases of wildlife crime and who to contact for certain issues. This is primarily aimed at call centre staff who might be unaware of wildlife crime related issues and is to be provided along with the Wildlife Crime ID guide and the Wildlife Crime Useful Contacts document.

Wildlife Crime Posters

A selection of five A4 posters for you to download and print in house or professionally, covering the following wildlife crimes:
•    Bat persecution
•    Raptor persecution
•    Nesting birds
•    Fish poaching
•    Cites offences 
Please note there are two different versions - a high resolution file for professional printing or low resolution file for in house printing without printing guidelines.

Map of wildlife crime in the UK >>

Our online map of wildlife crime in the UK has over 50 cases of wildlife crime from hare coursing to smuggling carp covering the whole UK.  Please freely use this map for promoting wildlife crime enforcement in your area.

National wildlife crime report (2014) >>

Download our national wildlife crime report, which may prove useful for public engagement activities or staff training.  It provides a lot of information around wildlife crime issues and its connection to serious and organised crime.

A chameleon at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre after being seized by border authorities

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