Ghost Gear

Ghost Gear: tell supermarkets to stop the animal suffering

Our biggest supermarkets are ignoring a heartbreaking crisis that’s killing whales, turtles and dolphins. Sign our petition demanding they take action on Ghost Gear now:

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Ghost Gear - nets, lines and pots that have been lost or dumped by fishing boats - is maiming and killing millions of ocean creatures every year.

Turtles drown, helplessly tangled in plastic nets. Dolphins are strangled and mutilated by razor-sharp fishing lines. Desperate animals become trapped in ghost lobster pots and slowly starve to death.

If you’re shocked you’ve never heard about Ghost Gear before, you’re not the only one: this is a huge crisis of animal suffering, yet hardly anyone is talking about it. And we need to change that.

Supermarkets could stop this heartbreaking crisis in its tracks by demanding their fish suppliers change the way they operate. So far, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Morrisons have fully committed.

Right now, the other supermarkets aren't taking action because they don’t think their customers care.

Sign our petition calling on supermarkets to take action on Ghost Gear and stop the suffering now.