Please save abused and exhausted sloths

Many sloths in captivity will die within six months, and are desperate to return to the wild. You can help them.


£3 a month could help provide essential milk to feed and nourish orphan sloths


£6 a month could help pay for specialist vet care for sloths who have suffered abuse


£8 a month could help the rehabilitation and release of a sloth back into the wild

Please help fund the rescue and rehabilitation of sloths

In posed photos with sloths, it often seems they give a mischievous grin. As if they enjoy attention.

But any impression of a ‘smile’ is an illusion - a sloth’s fur and facial muscles naturally form a smile-like shape. In captivity, they’re anything but happy. 

Unscrupulous tour operators are exploiting a boom in wildlife tourism for profit. They snatch sloths from the wild, and unwitting tourists pay for a selfie, assuming the sloths are cared for. But the truth is that the sloths are severely exhausted, ill and stressed. They’re often kept in filthy, cramped conditions, and fed a terrible diet leading to horrific physical and psychological trauma.

We can’t blame the tourists duped into believing these animals are cared for. Most tourists are animal lovers and would be horrified to know the truth. What we're doing is raising awareness among tourists and helping to protect sloths by working alongside organisations like the AIUNAU Foundation, Colombia. 

One of the only centres of its kind, AIUNAU cares for injured and abused sloths. Here, rescued sloths receive round-the-clock care and treatment they desperately need.

They’ll be safe until they’re ready to be released into the wild, where they belong.



Your monthly donation could help rescue and rehabilitate sloths and help protect many other animals in desperate need around the world.

Thank you


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