Please help care for an old aged bear

After surviving 30 years of neglect, thankfully Betsy is safe at the Zarnesti bear sanctuary in Romania. But abuse so severe has long-lasting effects. Without daily treatment and a special diet, Betsy's painful arthritis and incurable stomach problems might prove too much. She's so damaged from her ordeal, staff will always have to give her extra care.

Giving what you can today could help care for Betsy and other bears like her in the sanctuary. It could do so much to keep them happy for the rest of their lives.


£10 could help provide the special diet Betsy needs to stay healthy and happy


£15 could go towards arthritis medication to keep Betsy comfortable and free from pain


£20 could help pay for the extra care and attention Betsy needs after years of neglect

Joint problems and a change in diet are perhaps not unexpected for a bear her age. But Betsy’s aches and pains are made infinitely worse by the nine years she spent locked in a tiny cage. Her digestive system has been permanently damaged by the greasy junk food she was forced to eat for 17 years before her rescue.

Betsy is suffering the consequences of cruelty no animal should ever endure.

But there’s hope. At the sanctuary, Betsy’s arthritis treatment allows her the freedom to explore her surroundings. Her probiotics soothe her stomach, and her specially-prepared diet lets her enjoy her food, free from pain. 

Alongside our local partners The Millions of Friends Association, we’re giving her the life of dignity and comfort she deserves.

But caring for a bear with such complex needs can be expensive, and the costs are only increasing with age. Betsy’s medicines, supplements and food require constant investment. And there are another 94 bears living at Zarnesti that also need support.  

Betsy in the pool at the sanctuary

Donating today could help ensure Betsy and the other sanctuary bears are happy and comfortable and could help protect other animals around the world, too.

Your donation will help World Animal Protection to protect animals from cruelty and suffering, including those discussed in this appeal. Information in this appeal is correct as of Tuesday, 27 March 2018.

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