What was the petition about?

Our recent investigation revealed that Tiger Temple Co. Ltd changed its name to Golden Tiger (Thailand) Co. Ltd. and started construction on a new venue in Kanchanaburi.

What happened to the original Tiger Temple?

Following years of allegations of illegal breeding and trafficking of tigers and their body parts, Tiger Temple was raided by police in May 2016 and shut down.  Scenes from the raid were horrific. Officers discovered dead cubs in freezers, alongside tiger skins and tiger teeth trinkets. They confiscated 147 tigers from the raid.

“These tiger venues need to be stopped in their tracks because they clearly have links to the dark side of wildlife trafficking rings.” – our senior wildlife and veterinary advisor, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach.

What's happening now?

Golden Tiger Co Ltd. has a provisional license to operate as a zoo, transferred over from Tiger Temple Co Ltd. But, the zoo license will not receive validation to a full license unless Golden Tiger Co. Ltd, meets 11 specified conditions within six months. This includes providing enclosures deemed large enough for the tigers and vet care. These requirements fail to ban breeding or stop cruel tourist interactions with tigers.

Over 200,000 people have signed the petition to stop this new cruel venue. Thanks to your support, we will hand the petition to the Thai authorities, asking them not to grant a new licence. If a new venue opens, tigers are at risk of trafficking, breeding for profit and more horrific cruelty.

A tourist with her face blurred out sitting with her hand on a tiger's back

A tourist takes a photo with a tiger cub at Tiger Temple

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Together we urge the Thai authorities to do the right thing

All of the signatures we have received tell the Thai authorities that tiger cruelty is not acceptable. We are in the process of passing the signatures on and hope that the authorities listen and put a stop to this cruel venture.

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