Help end bear baiting in Pakistan

Blind from neglect and abuse, Chowti was tied to a stake and attacked by dogs: over, and over again. This blood sport has to stop – and we’re going to need your help.

£7 could help track down a bear like Chowti in time to save her life
£26 could help treat the wounds of a rescued bear when they arrive at the sanctuary
£48 could support new employment for a bear owner, helping them turn away from cruelty for good.

This shouldn't happen to a bear

Chowti was stolen from the wild when she was just a little cub. From that moment on she knew only cruelty.

Her teeth knocked out to make her defenceless, she was tied to a stake by a short rope, and set upon by dogs trained to tear at her face. People paid to bet on the ‘fight’.
Even after neglect and abuse robbed Chowti of her eyesight, she was dragged into the baiting ring and mauled over, and over again for years. It’s a miracle she survived long enough to be rescued.

Please help us end bear baiting

In Pakistan we’re working with our local partner the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) to stop this blood sport for good. That means:

Investigating baiting events to stop them before they happen

Negotiating with bear owners to release their bears to our care

Rescuing suffering bears

Rehoming them at the Balkasar sanctuary

Providing bear owners with alternative employment, to make sure they turn away from cruelty for good.

It’s working – but around 40 bears in Pakistan are still suffering - and the baiting circles that remain are the most difficult and dangerous to crack. The team desperately needs your help. Please give a gift that could help rescue the next suffering bear, and bring them to join Chowti at the Balkasar bear sanctuary.

Your donation could help transform the lives of these and so many other animals suffering across the world – Thank you

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