Help build a seal unit for sick and injured animals


£5 could help provide heat lamps to protect seals from pneumonia


£10 could help build a pool where injured seals can regain their strength


£15 could help to keep a seal hydrated after rescue, saving their life

You can help build a seal unit to save lives today

Every day across Shetland and beyond, lost fishing nets, lines and traps, collectively called 'ghost gear', threatens thousands of marine mammals. Seals, whales, turtles, otters and seabirds suffocate, drown or slowly starve to death.

"Weak, exhausted seals need better facilities to maximise their chances of survival."

The only hope for entangled seals like her in Shetland is Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary. Image Credit: John Moncrieff

With our support, Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary is the only hope for suffering sea animals along Shetland's 1500-mile coast. Hillswick's founders, Jan and Pete Bevington, have been rescuing and rehabilitating animals for over 30 years.

But today, the seal unit Jan and Pete have used to treat seals so effectively for so long is no longer fit for purpose. Their basic equipment in the unit is simply not good enough: weak, exhausted seals need better facilities to maximise their chances of survival.

Stenton the seal with ghost gear wrapped tightly around her neck

Sadly, just 24g of ghost gear wrapped around her neck caused this horrific wound and cost Stenton her life

Give rescued seals a fighting chance

If entangled seals are 'lucky', they may be spotted by Shetland's local community, who call Hillswick. Jan and Pete rush to cut them free, and give them the food, treatment and care at Hillswick they so desperately need. Together, they've saved hundreds of seals who wouldn't have made it otherwise.

But sometimes - however hard they try - there's simply nothing Jan and Pete can do, such is the devastating effect of ghost gear. Poor Stenton's wounds (pictured above) were caused by just 24g of gear wrapped tightly around her neck, and sadly, even Hillswick's best efforts couldn't save her. Horrifyingly, around one ton of ghost gear is dumped in our oceans every minute.

Your gift today could help give Hillswick the modern facilities they so desperately need to continue saving lives as the threat of ghost gear grows. Your help could give suffering seals a stronger chance of survival. Will you help save them, before it's too late?

Tell your friends about seals that need our help

Seals entangled in deadly ‘ghost gear’ face a slow and painful death. By letting others know about this appeal, you're increasing the chances of survival for more seals.

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