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Spread the word on Instagram - at this year's G20 meeting of world leaders we are calling for a ban on the global trade in wildlife.

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#EndWildlifeTrade - Instagram post
'The global wildlife trade causes suffering to millions of animals around the world. Join me in demanding that @borisjohnsonuk takes action to end this cruelty forever by leading the G20 meeting of world leaders to #EndWildlifeTrade – sign the petition on the @world_animal_protection_uk website now.'
#EndWildlifeTrade - Instagram post
'Join me in calling on @borisjohnsonuk to move the G20 world leaders to take action to end the cruel global wildlife trade. Sign the petition to #EndWildlifeTrade on the @world_animal_protection_uk website.'
#EndWildlifeTrade - Instagram post
'The global wildlife trade is a multi-billion-dollar industry that causes suffering to animals throughout the world. Governments have the power to end this. Join me in calling for @borisjohnsonuk to lead the G20 meeting of global government heads to #EndWildlifeTrade for good. Sign the petition on the @world_animal_protection_uk website.'