KFC responds to our campaign

KFC's controversial ‘Whole Chicken’ campaign showed a healthy chicken strutting to rap music. In response, over 10,000 of you joined our campaign asking them to provide the ‘whole truth’ about their chicken welfare standards.

And after seeing our campaign, KFC UK & Ireland agreed to meet us.  

In the meeting, we explained to KFC how we think they should:

  • Give their chickens more space.
  • Let them live a life free of the health problems caused by growing too big, too fast.

We are delighted that KFC has committed to working with us to explore how they can improve chicken welfare. Although it’s just the beginning, we are now a step closer to making huge improvements to the lives of millions of chickens. 

Thank you for your support so far. But to help us keep up the pressure, we need as many people as possible to continue to show KFC why chicken welfare is so important.

Join our call urging KFC to change for chickens.

Read our open letter to KFC >>

Sign our petition now

Even though we’re making progress with KFC in the UK & Ireland, we want chickens everywhere to have a decent life. KFC has the power to improve the lives of millions of chickens internationally. Over 250,000 people around the world have signed our petition and we need your signature too. 

Please join us and send a clear message to KFC to create a better quality of life for chickens now.



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