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Even though we’re making progress with KFC across Western Europe, we want chickens everywhere to have a better life. KFC has the power to improve the lives of millions of chickens internationally. Over 250,000 people around the world have signed our petition and we need your signature too. 

KFC responds to your concerns

KFC's controversial ‘Whole Chicken’ advertising campaign in 2017 showed a healthy chicken strutting to rap music which is a far cry from the experience of most chickens. In response, over 10,000 of you joined our Change for Chickens campaign asking KFC to provide the ‘whole truth’ about their chicken welfare standards in the UK.

KFC UK & Ireland listened to our concerns and agreed to meet with us.  

In the meeting, we discussed the changes needed to improve the lives of chickens, including: 

  • Giving their chickens more space to move around so they can carry out natural behaviours
  • Convincing their suppliers and the poultry industry to use chicken breeds free of health problems caused by growing too big, too fast

We have agreed with KFC to work together to improve the welfare of chickens in the company’s entire Western European supply chain and across the poultry industry. World Animal Protection will help KFC implement a welfare programme that aims to deliver better lives for millions of chickens in the UK and Europe, as well as address the concerns of consumers.  They have updated their welfare policy which has been published on their website.

Thank you for your support so far. We will continue to challenge them to improve. Help keep the pressure on and continue to show KFC why chicken welfare is so important wherever they are being farmed in the world.



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