Time is running out for Mongolia's animals

For the second year in a row, animals are freezing and starving to death in the deadly dzud winter. We must help them before it is too late.

£12 could pay for milk powder to keep baby animals alive when their mothers are too weak to nurse
£25 could buy vitamin supplements to keep animals healthy until the worst is over
£53 could provide enough nutrition relief to save the lives of a herd of 100 starving animals

A silent disaster

A dzud is a harsh winter that follows a summer drought.

The 2016 drought killed vital crops the herders would have stored for their animals. Then the snows came early.

Starving animals are frantically digging to reach the scraps of grass that remain. They huddle for warmth, sore and injured from the constant battle to break through hard ice.

We are the only animal welfare charity responding to this disaster.

Animals in the deep snow in Mongolia


Your kind gift could help us feed these desperate animals, and keep them alive until the worst is over.

Your donation helps improve the lives of animals across the world, including those helpless in the face of disasters. Thank you.

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