Street dogs desperately need your help, before it’s too late

Around the world, dogs are brutally culled in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of rabies and control the numbers of strays on the streets.

Your support helps end cruelty, pure and simple. Are you with us?


£3 per month could help educate communities and prevent pet dogs roaming the streets


£6 a month could help stop homeless dogs being taken from the streets and brutally culled


£8 a month could help vaccinate and collar two dogs, protecting them from brutal culls carried out in the name of rabies

Culling usually means a horrendous and painful death.

Age is no barrier to cruelty. Young and old, dogs can be dragged through streets, electrocuted, poisoned, beaten to death or even gassed. Many suffer terrible and horrifying deaths, spending minutes – or even hours – in agony. 

Killing dogs is not an effective way to stop the spread of rabies. We’ve spent years advising the governments of Bangladesh, Indonesia and China (just to name a few) how to manage their stray dogs humanely. We have proven that mass vaccination is an effective and sustainable way to eradicate rabies within communities. With the help of our supporters, we have given over one million dog vaccinations since 2011, protecting dogs from a terrible disease and the cruel culls carried out in its name. 

Your support today could help us continue vaccinating and protecting dogs in need around the world.

Together with partner organisations, we vaccinate dogs and provide proof of protection. The dog may get a new collar, a certificate or be sprayed with non-toxic paint to signal they are free from rabies. 



Your monthly donation could help protect dogs from a painful death and help protect many other animals in desperate need around the world.

Thank you


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