Better Lives for Dogs

The problem

  • Around the world, dogs are brutally culled in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of rabies.
  • Millions of dogs are cruelly culled every year in attempt to control the amount of strays on the streets.

The solution

  • Through mass dog vaccination, we will protect both dogs and people from this killer disease.
  • Address the source of the stray dog population, rather than culling as a means of population control.

What we're doing

  • Vaccinating hundreds of thousands of dogs around the world.
  • Proving that each vaccinated dog is protected from rabies – either with a collar, non-toxic paint or a certificate.
  • Advising governments to manage their stray dogs humanely – instead of using cruel culls.

Protect dogs from culling in the name of rabies

Every day, thousands of dogs are violently killed because of rabies. Dragged through streets, electrocuted, poisoned or even gassed – culling is nearly always a horrendous and painful death.

But you could help stop it. It costs £1.88 to vaccinate one dog, protecting them not only from a killer disease but from cruel culls.

A stray dog in Puebla, Mexico

Vaccinating dogs on a mass scale

Culled dogs suffer in terrible and horrifying ways, spending minutes – or even hours – in agony before they die. As World Animal Protection, we know that the mass killing of dogs does not stop rabies.

Rabies control

This shocking cruelty is motivated by real and desperate fear – rabies is a deadly disease. But it can be prevented. A world without rabies is not a world without dogs.

Only widespread dog vaccination is scientifically proven to stop rabies long-term. Mass dog culls are widely used because they are perceived as cheap, easy and effective. But they only destroy dogs, and allow rabies to spread.

Together with our partner organisations, we vaccinate dogs, then provide proof of protection. The dog may get a new collar, a certificate of vaccination or be sprayed with non-toxic paint as a sign they are protected.

Convincing governments

We have already vaccinated hundreds of thousands of dogs across Bangladesh, Bali, Zanzibar, Philippines and China to name a few. Now we are calling on more governments in more countries to stop needless culls, proving through our case studies that only mass vaccination works.

Together we have done so much. But we still urgently need your help to protect more dogs from culling and end this terrible disease.

Please give a gift that could protect dogs from rabies – and the cruel culls carried out because of it.

Some dogs are captured with tongs, then dragged away and injected with poison

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