We’re calling out cruelty. Will you join us?

I pledge to call out animal cruelty wherever I see it

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Around the world, animals are exploited and suffer unthinkable cruelty.

  • Hunted, exploited and killed for ‘traditional’ medicine
  • Used as props for cruel animal selfies
  • Trafficked and sold as exotic pets
  • Crammed in cages, crates and pens in factory farms

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re calling out animal cruelty around the globe, influencing individuals, businesses and decision makers.

Our campaigners and undercover investigators collect evidence and expose stories of cruelty and suffering.

If we all come together we can build a movement which can’t be ignored and gives a voice to animals.

Will you join us and call out cruelty?

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Together, we can put an end to animal suffering. 


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