Build a kinder future for bears like Hope

You have the power to give bears safety, treatment and a home for life.


£5 could help negotiate the release of another bear like Hope.


£10 could help provide expert vet care and food at Balkasar


£15 could help stop another bear from suffering like Hope did


Bears in Pakistan fight desperately for their lives against trained attack dogs. Others are tormented with red hot metal to force them to ‘dance’. This is entertainment.

Today, you have the power to do something about this cruelty. Your generosity could give one of these bears a safe home and urgent vet care. Will you help?

The progress of a small Asiatic black bear called Hope shows the incredible impact your gift could make.

Hope arrived at Balkasar after four years of abuse. He had been forced into a tiny cage where he could barely move, and violence had cost him a paw and the use of his back legs. Malnourished and weak, his chances of survival were slim.

Hope’s owner forced him into a cage so small he couldn’t rest or move properly. All he knew was misery and pain.

Your gifts helped Hope start a long road to recovery at Balkasar. But there are more bears still trapped in a brutal life of baiting ‘dancing’, and other forms of entertainment. Many aren’t given enough food, and get no treatment for the horrific wounds they suffer. These bears deserve a second chance too.

Will you help give another bear like Hope a second chance?

Anything you give today would do so much for bears suffering in Pakistan, and other animals all around the world.

Thank you.


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