Build bears a forever home

Help make space to rescue and re-home bears who are forced to dance and fight for their life in the name of ‘entertainment’, before it’s too late.

Bhoori is safe in Balkasar – but many bears still need our help, and if we can’t expand the sanctuary we’ll have to turn them away…

Bhoori the bear safe in Balkasar


£5 could help build climbing frames and pools for bears to have fun


£10 could help build a recovery are so bears have a quiet place to get better


£15 could help transform land into habitats for over 35 new bears to call home


Today over 50 bears live in peace at the Balkasar bear sanctuary, cared for by loving staff from the Bioresource Research Centre who keep them safe, healthy and happy.

Arriving broken, bruised and in urgent need of treatment, their care at Balkasar so effective that even bears with little hope of survival are nursed back to health and live long and happy lives. It’s incredible just how many bears your support has saved.

But such success means Balkasar is now rapidly approaching capacity. Soon, bears rescued from the horrors of bear baiting and dancing may not be able to fit in the sanctuary. Indeed, if we don’t act fast, we may not have room to re-home bears and may have to turn them away.

Before Balkasar, Bhoori was kept in terrible conditions

Before Balkasar, Bhoori was kept in terrible conditions, and forced to fight dogs to earn her owner money.

But if you act quickly to support the Big Bear Build today, together we can help give homes to the remaining bears suffering in Pakistan. Peace, safety and a happy life would be such an amazing Christmas gift for a bear, don’t you agree?

Please support the Big Bear Build today; anything you can give will do so much to help the build progress.

The three new habitats you can help to build will provide more than just space. By more than doubling the amount of room at the sanctuary, the bear’s vital rehabilitation process will be much more effective. Bears take years to recover from the cruelty they’ve endured.

A map of the Big Bear Build Plan

Newly-rescued bears, who need constant care, can be kept together to make monitoring their progress easier. The quieter, less sociable bears can find peace in a habitat of their own, and the more active bears can play together in the main habitat. Among trees, pools and climbing frames, bears can all snooze, forage and make friends to their heart’s content.

Your gift today could help give Balkasar the space and modern facilities bears need for a happy and fulfilling life, safe from the pain in their pasts. Will you help bears recover?

Bhoori and a friend at the sanctuary

Bhoori is now safe and happy at Balkasar sanctuary and has even made a few friends!

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