TripAdvisor: profiting from cruelty

Posted on 25 April 2016 by

Alyx Elliott

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Its stamp of approval for wildlife attractions ignores animal suffering

It is a bold headline, there’s no denying it. But our patience has worn thin.

Much of the campaigning that we do is behind-the-scenes. We spend a lot of time speaking privately to politicians, businesses, journalists and many other people about the importance of protecting animals. You often don’t hear about this, but that’s only because we can achieve an awful lot without going loud with a big public campaign, and sometimes this is the most effective way to make positive change.

But despite us reaching out and trying to work with TripAdvisor several times in recent months, they are refusing to work with us. 

Our research has uncovered the fact that TripAdvisor is promoting – and profiting from – cruel wildlife attractions. 

Some of the cruellest attractions (read about the Top Ten) have been ranked highly in TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index and have even been awarded their Certificate of Excellence. This is because TripAdvisor does not include any animal welfare criteria when handing out these awards. But how many tourists know this? Would you trust this Certificate knowing that animal suffering is going ignored?

On top of this, TripAdvisor is profiting from the sale of tickets to these cruel venues, via their subsidiary tour company Viator. 

So as holiday season approaches, we’ve launched a petition to ask Trip Advisor to stop promoting and profiting from cruel attractions. If they won’t listen to us, we really hope they will listen to you – as their customers, and as people who care about animals. 

It is a well known company so please spread the word as far and wide as you can. TripAdvisor need to recognize the huge opportunity they have to help protect the 550,000 wild animals suffering at the hands of irresponsible tourist venues. With 300 million web hits per month their influence is immense. They need to put that to good use and do what is right for wild animals.

Sign the petition to demand that they stop promoting and selling tickets to cruel wildlife tourist attractions today >>

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