A new farm to keep rescue bears’ tummies full

Posted on 20/03/2019 by former employee Ben Skelton

Growing the bear necessities to keep tummies full and bears healthy!

To make sure our rescue bears always have an abundance of healthy food to eat, staff at our sanctuary in Pakistan are currently building a new four-acre organic farm. We can imagine greedy Pooh wouldn’t be able to contain himself if he knew. However much your kindness feeds him, he’s always hungry for more!

Over the past few months staff have been working hard to plough, lay paths and create a water reservoir. The farm should be ready by September.

Among many different crops being grown, spinach, carrots, radishes, onions, squashes, brassica and maize will provide dietary fibre. Growing neem trees – a kind of medicinal plant – will act as a natural bug repellant and protect the bears from insect bites. And oil from flaxseeds will keep their coats glossy. Could it be possible that Leela will look even more lovely (surely not)?

There’s more to the selection of crops than simply tantalising the bears’ taste buds, however. A healthy, organic diet may mean recovering bears need less medicine. And we have it on good authority that maize, flax, and brassicas can be a little tricky to get your teeth around, meaning eating becomes an interesting and involving activity for the bears.

How you can help

From just £1 a week, you can provide everything they need at the Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan, to live happy and healthy lives.

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