HEAR OUR ROAR! High profile celebs share our message on International Tiger Day

Posted on 19 August 2016 by

Katie Hobbs

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Adding volume to our voice is where high profile supporters can have an almighty impact – I call it the megaphone effect.

On international tiger day we saw this fantastic form of support in full swing.

International Tiger Day is held annually on July 29th. The day was created at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010, and is used as a celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation.

This year, we used this platform to give a voice to captive tigers forced to entertain tourists at attractions in Thailand and other parts of the world. These tigers suffer appalling levels of cruelty and exploitation, just so they can be photo props or other forms of entertainment for tourists.

For the cruelty to end, the demand for these kind of venues and activities must stop. To achieve this, we must collectively expose the cruelty that’s often hidden behind the scenes and encourage friends, family, everyone(!) and the travel industry, to never endorse or visit these types of cruel attractions.

An image of Ricky Gervais' Facebook post

Ricky Gervais shares our tiger video on his Facebook page

People power at its best is what CAN protect animals and create change in this instance, so the more people who share our message and expose the cruel reality behind wildlife entertainment, the better. This is why an extra boost from high profile supporters on tiger day was so important.

Many wonderful individuals leant their support, including Ricky Gervais, Evanna Lynch, Sir John Hurt, Anwen Rees-Myers, Brian Blessed, Mark Charnock, Alesha Dixon, Taylor Hasselhoff, Gaby Roslin, Emma Milne, Marc Abraham, Amy Williams, Ruth Bratt, and more! 

And do you know what? They didn’t let us down. Through their support alone, our campaign message has been shared more than 60,000 times, and a short video clip exposing the cruelty endured by tigers, has been viewed OVER 5 MILLION TIMES!

It’s more than we could ever have hoped for. So thank you. Thank you to our fantastic high profile supporters, and thank you to EVERY SINGLE person out there who has shared our message for tigers, or who has shared any of our campaign messages for that matter! Your support helps. Your support is the foundation for change. Your support is a voice for animals who would otherwise have none. 

Read more about our Wildlife Not Entertainers campaign here.

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