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Posted on 29 January 2016 by

Fiona Dunn

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Great news! We’re happy to announce that thanks to our supporters, Bobby the dancing bear has been saved from a life of torment.

Seven-year-old Bobby was poached from the wild when he was just a cub. Sold on the black market into a life of torment, he was cruelly trained to stand up on his hind legs and ‘dance’ in time to music. Chained up by night and forced to dance by day, devastatingly Bobby was also used in bear baiting, one the cruellest blood sports in the world.

Fortunately though, thanks to generous donations from World Animal Protection supporters, he’s now been rescued and brought to live in peace and safety at our bear sanctuary in Pakistan.

Along with our partner, the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), we convinced Bobby’s owner to surrender him, and helped him to setup a cruelty free way of earning a living to support his family. So he never owns another bear again.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, our skilled vets gave Bobby an extensive health check. Although he carried the marks of baiting over his muzzle, with deep scars and cuts from dogs teeth and claws, he was otherwise in good health. In a symbolic moment of his new found freedom, our vets gently removed the metal ring through his nose that was used to control him.

The team at BRC have now given Bobby a fitting, new name to reflect his personality - Daara, meaning brave. Daara is a feisty, social and happy bear who loves bread and apples. He’s currently being looked after in the quarantine area of the sanctuary where our vets can keep a close eye on him.  He will stay here for a few weeks before being introduced to his new bear friends in the sanctuary.

To those of you that kindly donate to protect animals around the world – thank you so much for giving a suffering bear a second chance at life.

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