Bear bios - playful Pooh

Posted on 21/02/2019 by Daniela Valla

Pooh’s life was only pain and fear – until he was rescued in a police raid and taken to our sanctuary, where he’s now thriving.

Thanks to your support, we are able to finance two sanctuaries to keep rescued bears safe and free to live the rest of their life in peace. Each of these bears is a unique individual with their own personality, likes and dislikes. Now, let us introduce you to someone special…

Meet Pooh

Pooh’s name means ‘innocent’. He is a small, friendly and sociable Asiatic black bear who was confiscated in January 2015 during a daring raid by the local law enforcement in the desert near the Pakistan-India border.

Rescued in a raid

The raid that led to Pooh's rescue was facilitated by our partner Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), who heard through their extensive community network that a large number of people were planning to attend a bear baiting fight involving 12 bears.

The sanctuary

Pooh is unfortunately blind but he is otherwise in good health. He now lives in a large enclosure dedicated to disabled bears, where the sanctuary staff can give him all the special care he needs.

He wasn't alone

Pooh was rescued alongside two other bears, Alex and Diloo. All three bears have developed a healthy appetite are very fond of roti and apples. He eats a lot for such a small bear! Pooh spends a lot of time with another bear named Mori - they both enjoy the cool spring breeze while laying in the sun. Sometimes Pooh and Mori even share their food – and that is a true sign of their friendship, since Pooh loves his food!

A sociable and playful bear

Pooh behaves very naturally with the rest of the bears. He loves the smell of bread and gets very excited when he can hear the sound of the food cart trundling towards him at meal times. Even though he's very sociable, he's not always playful, as his blindness can sometimes lead him to become aggressive towards other bears. Nevertheless, when nighttime comes, Pooh likes to sleep at the front entrance of the den, loyally protecting his fellow bears.

How you can help the bears

Your kind donations help us give these gorgeous animals a forever home safe from abuse, with plenty of food, expert veterinary care, enrichment and a large luscious sanctuary to roam around and explore. With just £1 a week you can help our partner sanctuaries provide the bears with the best possible life.

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