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Have you got room for a rescue bear? You don’t need a big house. Just a big heart.

Since 2010, the Balkasar Bear Sanctuary in Pakistan has been a safe haven for bears rescued from torture in the baiting ring or being forced to dance on the streets. Today, 44 rescued bears call Balkasar sanctuary home. They’re too traumatised to ever return to the wild.

From as little as £1 a week, you can help give Balkasar’s bears extra-special long-term care, and a future filled with love and comfort. You’ll help our wonderful long-term partners the Bioresource Research Centre give bears all the food, treatment and shelter they’ll ever need.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got room at home to adopt a bear. You don’t need a big house, just a big heart!

Why Adopt a Bear?

In parts of rural Pakistan, bears are being cruelly exploited for “entertainment”. Many have been poached from their mother’s den as tiny cubs. They have their claws and teeth removed, and are forced to fight dogs trained to attack. The fear of more pain forces some to dance on the streets to the sound of music, too.

We’re working to inspire people and governments to put an end to the cruel traditions of bear baiting and bear dancing. Adopting a bear today could help rescue more bears and help end this torture forever. It’s such an amazing way to sponsor an animal.

A Little Extra Help

Some bears at our Balkasar sanctuary have suffered so badly in the past that they’re unable to live in the main enclosure. They need extra attention from staff, and special treatment to overcome their trauma.

Thankfully, the support of amazing animal lovers like you has helped to build a dedicated area just for them! Here, especially vulnerable bears get all the space and food they need.

Under the watchful eye of sanctuary staff, the bears are free to live happy, peaceful lives.

Meet the Bears

There’s currently three very special bears to adopt, and your donation will help protect them and other animals in need around the world.

Lovely Leela

Brown bear Leela walking in the sanctuary

Adopt an active bear who loves to play. Leela is a beautiful five-year old Himalayan brown bear. Rescued from the bear baiting ring, she’s now known for greeting new bears and taking them under her wing.

Leela is a bouncy bear with golden fur to match her golden heart – could she be a new part of your family?

Playful Pooh

Black bear Pooh wandering in the sanctuary

Adopt a small bear with a big appetite. Pooh was left completely blind by bear baiting, but at Balkasar he enjoys a life of snoozing, playing with his friend Chowti and – most importantly – eating!

Pooh is shy but loyal once he comes out of his shell. Could you be his new friend?

It costs from as little as £1 per week to adopt a bear. As a new family member we’ll send you cards, photos and updates about your adopted bears’ lives, as well as the “Bear Essentials” newsletter, your guide to what’s happening in the sanctuary and other exciting bear news from around the world.

What are you waiting for? Take the chance to adopt an animal like no other today!

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