2017: a year to remember

Posted on 06 December 2017 by

Ben Skelton

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Please give yourself a big pat on the back. Thanks to you - our wonderful supporters - 2017 was another huge step towards ending animal cruelty forever.

Once again, your support gave hope and protection to so many animals around the world. Below are just a few heart-warming highlights from this year.

Together we raised the funds required to build secure night enclosures for the elephants at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. Vulnerable elephants will now be safe at night-time, helping them to recover from the abuse in their past.

Over 250,000 of our supporters signed our Wildlife Selfie Code, promising that they would never take part in unethical animal selfies that cause harm and suffering to thousands of animals.

Nine more bears found safety at the supporter-funded bear sanctuary in Pakistan, supported by our local partner the Bioresource Centre. Here’s Rani, one of the rescued bears, happily foraging for food. 

We challenged KFC for using a potentially misleading TV advert. The campaign resulted in a meeting with the global fast-food giant, and a commitment to work with us to improve chicken welfare in future. Result!

When floods, hurricanes, mudslides and other natural disasters threatened the safety of animals, your support enabled our emergency disaster teams to meet the challenge. Nearly 850,000 animals were cared for in 16 countries, just when they needed it most.

Life-saving food, water and vet care helped save the lives of thousands of animals as Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc across the Caribbean.

Over 2,000 homeless dogs a year can be cared for, treated and re-homed as a brand new veterinary clinic built in Cernavoda, Romania, opened its doors. Your support helped make this happen.

Membership of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative swelled to 66 unique international organisations and support from 12 governments. Together, we’re tackling the tonnes of fishing nets and equipment abandoned in the oceans that threatens the safety of ocean animals.

Epison and her two adorable cubs found a safe forever home at the supporter-funded bear sanctuary in Zarnesti, Romania, after they were captured and threatened by authorities in a local town. 

New Year, New Resolutions?

These achievements are just a flavour of all the fantastic work we’ve done together for animals this year; there’s so much more to tell you. But we know you don’t have all day!

Such a successful year doesn’t mean the fight is over, however. Sadly, animals all around the world are still suffering and need our support.

If you’d like to help do a little more for animals next year, there are many ways you can help, including making us a part of your New Year’s resolutions.

Why not challenge yourself to run a marathon on our behalf, promise to tell more people about the work we do, or even volunteer with bears? There are loads of exciting and important things you could do in 2018. Please click here.

And just to make 100% sure you know how much you mean to us and the animals…

Thank you - you’re amazing! 

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