Steve McIvor

Steve McIvor

Hi, I’m Steve McIvor – the CEO at World Animal Protection.

I took on the role in May 2016 having previously been the international director of programmes. I’ve been with the organisation for over four years and lead projects and partnerships in around 40 countries around the globe.

I have experience as a senior executive, having worked at executive board level for international corporates such as The Body Shop International. I have a background in campaigns and communications in both the charity and commercial sectors for leading UK and international organisations for around 30 years.

Early on in my career I held the positions of campaigns director and later CEO of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. I created and led the successful campaigns to ban cosmetic testing on animals in the European Union and to end the use of ex-racing greyhounds in research in the UK.

Along with my colleagues and our fantastic, passionate supporters, I’m excited to put animal protection on the global agenda. I’m very proud of our achievements together so far. For example, we recently moved Instagram to add a warning message when users search harmful hashtags like #slothselfie, after 250,000 of you supported out Wildlife Selfie Code campaign. We’ve also moved big fast-food companies, such as KFC, to make change for chickens in their supply chains.

Through my blog, you can learn how we’re moving the world to protect animals – and how you can play your part.