Peter Hardy

Peter Hardy, UK Campaign Manager for Wildlife

Hi, I’m Peter Hardy, the UK Campaign Manager for Wildlife at World Animal Protection. I work on our Wildlife. Not pets campaign.

I’ve been working in the animal welfare sector for 2 years. Before that, I worked in charity campaigning for over a decade representing organisations promoting children’s rights, disabled rights and consumer protection. I am also active in various local and national grassroots environmental campaigning organisations. I am passionate about the capacity of civil society to build a better future for us all – including animals!

My role at World Animal Protection is campaigning to reduce the acceptability of exotic pet ownership. The exotic pet trade puts at risk the welfare of millions of wild animals around the globe, whether wild-caught or captive-bred.

In my spare time, I like to swim, run and look after my garden where I grow my own fruit and veg and try to make my tiny patch of south London as wildlife-friendly as possible.