Katie Hobbs

Hello, I'm Katie Hobbs, the International High Profile Relations Manager at World Animal Protection.

I look after relationships with our high profile/celebrity supporters - it's certainly an interesting role! I have nearly 20 years of experience working within the animal welfare charity sector. I worked in animal care/rehabilitation at rescue centres for many years, before eventually exploring the realms of campaigns, fundraising and communications. Having gained experience from the ground up, my passion now lies in inspiring others about the wondrous world of animals and how we can work together to respect and protect them.

We are incredibly lucky to work with fantastic and compassionate high profile individuals who are sincerely supportive of our work. All of our high profile supporters volunteer their time and energy, it's a real motivation to see how their voices on top of ours, act like a huge megaphone - spreading awareness of animal welfare issues and echoing calls for action far and wide around the globe. 

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