Katheryn Wise

UK Campaigns Manager
Katheryn Wise, UK Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection

Hi, I’m Kathy Wise, the UK Campaigns Manager for Wildlife at World Animal Protection.

I have volunteered for a number of UK and international wildlife NGOs and have been working in campaigns and public education roles for International Development NGOs for over a decade.

At World Animal Protection my role focuses on places where wild animals are used for entertainment, which is mostly in tourism. Animal experiences tend to be high up on most people’s bucket-lists, from swimming with dolphins to walking with lions. In fact, up to one quarter of the trillion dollar tourism industry is driven by demand for wildlife tourism. My role is to give people information on how these activities actually impact the animals involved and run campaigns to encourage people to speak out against animal welfare issues in tourism. I also work with the travel industry to try to stop them from selling and normalising activities that negatively impact animal welfare.

In my spare time I love photography and painting – my favourite subject for both is wildlife!