Social media guidelines

Our online communities – including those on Twitter and Facebook – are for our supporters and like-minded people to come together, stay updated with our campaigns, and take positive action to change animals’ lives for the better.

Please do not post or contact us with:

  • Offensive images or videos
  • Offensive, racist or hateful comments
  • Personal attacks or threats
  • Advertisements for products or services
  • Repetitive, irrelevant or misleading comments
  • Specific cases of animal cruelty or illness. Contact your local animal welfare agency who will be able to respond to this immediately.

We will not respond to such posts, comments or tweets. Where they have been posted on our pages we may take steps to remove this content. And we will make the final decision about what is appropriate. 

Contacting us

We do our best to respond to questions and comments as quickly as we can. However this can sometimes take a little while. Please bear with us.
If there is an animal welfare concern or some other issue you would like to speak to us about, another way is to use our contact form.
If you are an accredited member of the press please visit our Press Centre

You can find out more out about our current campaigns, or ways to help animals by exploring this site.
Thank you so much for participating in our communities and sharing and supporting our work. Let’s move the world for animals.
The World Animal Protection UK Community Team 


These guidelines were last moderated on: Fri, 12/01/2018 - 14:18 GMT

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